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February 2019


Dear Friends of the Collaborative,


Some important changes have occurred during the past year.  Dr. Donna Rich fulfilled her dream of moving to western Massachusetts and is no longer with the Collaborative. Currently, I work alongside some amazing mental health providers and feel grateful for the compassionate and dedicated women and the sparkling company!


My personal practice has gradually evolved to an energy medicine practice as Zero Balancing, the cold laser and Qi Gong have moved to the forefront for me. Many of you know that I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease a couple of years ago. The process of returning to wellness has taught me again that healing is an inside job; a natural process that often requires attention, nurturing and encouragement. While I have been oh so slowly healing, it felt right to do the work that brought the most joy and satisfaction.  So more Zero Balancing all around!  This period of time has resulted in a deeper commitment and shift toward the holistic experience.


Zero Balancing, the cold laser and Qigong practice have been a solid foundation for me and in working in this fashion, I believe that I offer a unique opportunity for clients to heal deeply. If you are an existing client, perhaps it is time for a tune up? If you have never had the pleasure of a Zero Balancing session, there is no time like the present!



Mary Beth




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