Collaborative Therapies

General FAQs

Q.I know you’re located at 115 Main Street, Suite 2C in North Easton, MA, but where do I park and how do I get to your office?

Q.Your waiting room is very comfortable and homey. I notice many interesting products on display, are they for sale?

Q.How do I schedule an appointment?

Q.I have an ailment and I’ve heard your group can help.  Which practitioner should I see?

Q.What are your hours of business?

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Manual Therapies FAQs

Q. Do I disrobe for Manual Therapies?

Q.How long does a typical manual therapy session last?

Q.How often and for how long will I need to come for Manual Therapies?

Q.What conditions do you treat?

Q.What post treatment effects can I expect after a Manual Therapy session?

Q.Are there things I can do at home to support the work I do in the office?

Manual Therapy Practitioners

Mary Beth Curreri
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