Collaborative Therapies

To anyone who is experience chronic pain, or other body issues, and is considering Zero Balancing…I have only one thing to say: DO IT! Speaking from my personal experience over the past months, Zero Balancing has proven to be far and away the most helpful physical therapy I’ve ever had for my achy, breaky body.

D.F., Foxboro


Fee Schedule


One-hour sessions of Zero Balancing/Craniosacral Therapy/Lymphdrainage are $90.
Thirty-minute sessions of the same are $50. There are discounts available for children, students and non-working senior citizens.

Personal checks, Master Card and Visa are accepted. You may use your flexible spending or Healthcare savings account for treatment.

Physical Therapy may be covered with Mary Beth Curreri, PT if:
1) you have a PT diagnosis;
2) you have Medicare or a BC/BS PPO or Indemnity Plan. No other insurances are accepted at this time;
3) if you have Medicare, an MD prescription is required every 30 days.

Physical therapy treatment is billed out according to what is reasonable and customary for our area. You may have a co-pay or deductible, or a yearly spending cap depending on your individual plan.

Please note that Mary Beth is a Manual Therapist so equipment use in therapy here is limited. Most treatment is hands-on but we do have ultrasound, and paraffin bath available. Exercise is performed with free weights, theraband, foam roller and exercise balls only. There is no exercise machinery available. We do have working relationships with other local therapists and can collaborate with other clinics to assist you with a comprehensive rehabilitation.